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Keep your Company safe!

Enable your Team to manage the 8 most dangerous Cybersecurity threats with our scientifically proven training.

CyberALARM is available on all platforms
(Access from May 2024)

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CyberALARM screenshot
CyberALARM screenshot

This training covers the following cyber security topics:

  • Spoofing

  • Password theft

  • Spyware

  • VoIP phone

  • Password tracker

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Revolutionizing Cybersecurity

EU NIS2 Cybersecurity Directive 2024 Facts

  • NIS2 introduces penalties of up to €10.000.000

  • NIS2 holds Management accountable regarding their cybersecurity maturity and framework

  • NIS2 advises management and employees training for more in-depth cybersecurity knowledge

Prepare for NIS2 with our digital  Cybersecurity Training for Businesses

CyberALARM is a digital cybersecurity simulation for businesses that offers affordable training with scientifically proven results.

Our app will help your team develop a deep understanding of the most common and dangerous cybersecurity threats and how to prevent them, making your business more secure and resilient.

Book an introduction to CyberALARM now and start to train your team on all things cybersecurity.


Why choose CyberALARM?
Affordable quality training guided by your needs

Realistic Simulations

Our app offers realistic simulations of cyber attacks, providing your team with the experience they need to effectively prevent cyber threats.

Personal Training

Assume different roles from Employee to Hacker to Security Expert. Any choice you make has an impact that shows in your feedback and points in the end.

Scientifically Proven

We developed and tested our training in a 3 year research project in collaboration with the renown cyber security experts at TH Wildau. 

Any Language

English, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese... We cater to any language you train your team in with our cost efficient localization framework.

Customized Solution

We customize our cyber training modules to your needs: with your branding, custom content and individual training expansions.

Your Environment

Your data and accessibility is key for us. We offer a technical setup of your choice: Mobile App, Web App, Company Intranet. 

How it works

How CyberALARM Works


Training Simulation

In CyberALARM you make the decisions! Engage in real life situations at work, on the road, at home. Assume the role of an employee, a hacker, a detective or just your private self. And find out what impact your decisions have on your security. 

CyberALARM screenshot
CyberALARM screenshot


8 Scientifically Proven Cyber Security Threats

Enable your team to recognize and handle any cyber security threats safely:

  • Social Engineering

  • CEO Fraud

  • Ransomware

  • Phishing

  • Data & Cloud Security

  • Home Office

  • Information Classification

  • Messenger & Encryption


Customized Training

CyberALARM allows you to customize your training to fit your specific level of knowledge and needs. Choose from a variety of scenarios and play many difficulty levels.

CyberALARM screenshot
About Us

Our Mission

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Empower your Business to be Cyber Secure!

With CyberALARM, our mission at Gamebook is to help businesses of all sizes to improve their cybersecurity posture. We believe that cybersecurity training should be accessible to everyone, and we're committed to providing high-quality training at an affordable price.

Your Training

Your CyberALARM Training

We set up your custom CyberALARM training solution:

  • with your COMPANY BRANDING


  • in any LANGUAGE you require


Research Project

Research Project ALARM

Awareness Lab SME Information Security

From 2020 to 2023 we have been partner of the TH Wildau in the project
Awareness Lab SME (ALARM) Information Security.

ALARM research project image

The project had the goal to identify the most vital cybersecurity threats for SME and to develop effective training solutions for employees to prevent them. 

ALARM Project


We have been exclusive partner for a digital game based cybersecurity training solution that we developed and verified in multiple test series in 3 years. 

Digital Serious Games


The research project united key academic and industry partners and was supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.​

Project Partners


We shared our research and project results in several events and research publications such as the 35. AKWI annual conference proceedings. 

Publications & Events

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